Tampa Debt Settlement

Often our clients are faced with debts that force them to consider options such as bankruptcy. It is not uncommon for some clients to have a single debt that needs immediate attention due to pending litigation or wage garnishment. Not every client is an ideal candidate for bankruptcy and in some cases clients prefer assistance in resolving collection debt through debt settlement negotiations or they only have one problem debt that is causing issues such as a collection, judgement, or pending lawsuit leading to collection of assets or garnishment.  We can often help clients achieve their goal of avoiding bankruptcy or stopping pending wage garnishment by negotiating the underlying debt through settlement with the original creditor, litigation counsel or a collection agent who has bought the debt. As a debt settlement attorney I understand the importance of resolving debt issues for our clients. Different kinds of debt can be tackled such as credit card debt, medical collections debt, car repossessions debt, personal loan debt or other pre-judgement or post-judgement debt that is in collections.

Debt negotiations that are done with the help of an attorney are often beneficial in many ways such as:

1) Avoidance of future collection.
2) Assuring that a written agreement with clear settlement terms is negotiated.
3) Maximizing the terms of settlement.
4) Reducing the amount of money needed to settle the debt.
5) Ceasing current collections on the debt such as pending litigation or wage garnishment.
6) Peace of mind.

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Debt settlement negotiations

Debt Negotiations

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