Motorcycle Accidents

Florida is ideal year round for motorcyclists to enjoy. The freedom of motorcycle riding is much more dangerous then driving a car so the risk of serious injury, or death, is substantially greater. Florida has one of the highest incidents of motorcycle accidents in the country.
A moment of distraction by a car driver can prove fatal to a motorcycle rider who can be difficult to see due to the bike’s dimensions and ability to move quickly. Drivers that fail to maintain their lane, or do not see the bike rider in their mirror, often merge into a motorcyclist and cause serious accidents. While it is not legally required to wear a helmet in the State of Florida insurance companies may point to a lack of helmet use as proof of partial negligence on the part of an injured adult motorcyclist.
It is important that you retain an attorney experienced with motorcycle injuries. In a courtroom, it is crucial to counter the allegations of defense attorneys to evoke the comparative fault negligence law and jury bias against the injured motorcyclist.

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