Car Accidents


Nearly every driver has had the unfortunate experience of being involved in an automobile accident at least once in their lifetime.  In fact, someone is involved in an car accident every five seconds.  Most accidents are preventable. You are legally entitled to bring a personal injury action against the person or parties responsible for your car accident injuries. If you are a victim of a Tampa Car Accident it is important to consult with an experienced Tampa Car Accident Lawyer.

Negligent Driving can be caused from:

1)   Distractions causing lapses in attention to the road and other drivers. Talking on a cell phone, text messaging or having a conversation with a passenger can cause an accident.   There are many sources of negligent driving that lead to accidents.

2) Failure to observe traffic laws such as driving in excess of the posted speed limit, failing to make a complete stop or running a red light can all cause accidents.

3) Impaired Driving while under the influence of alcohol, use of illegal drugs or prescription medication can all cause significant delays in reaction time.

4) Failure of a driver to keep their vehicle in good mechanical condition is negligent and often causes accidents. Every time you get on the road, your breaks, tires, lights and other equipment need to be working properly so that the you do not lose control of your car or truck.

5) Driving while fatigued is another cause of accidents.

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