Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks drivers are responsible for many auto accidents, deaths and injuries on the road.  Companies owning, commercial trucks, 18-wheeler trucks and tractor-trailers are responsible for performing regular maintenance to prevent equipment failure. Trucking companies are also responsible for maintaining logs/records of driver time and loading history, maintenance and repair records for each truck, as well as, employment and policy manuals.  Trucking companies should perform background checks on potential employees for their driving history or medical conditions that would prevent the driver from safely operating the truck. Companies must also fully insure their trucks under the law.

The insurance company will usually investigate trucking accidents quickly and so should you.  Its important to obtain an accident re-constructionist expert to observe the scene, take photographs, interview witnesses, take measurements and even download data from a black box which may contain helpful information regarding the speed the truck was traveling at the time of accident, time of deceleration, and voice recordings that can be recovered.  

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