At some point in our lives it is inevitable that we will need an attorney. It is important to completely understand your legal situation. It is not uncommon for people to take legal matters in their own hands without consulting with an attorney. In some situation I have seen people make their situation much worse by not consulting with an attorney. My main areas of practice include Bankruptcy and Personal Injury


  • I will go over all of your goals and discuss your finances with you in detail.
  • I will review all of your financial documents.
  • I will ensure that your questions are answered.
  • I will discuss the best strategy when filing your bankruptcy.
  • I will file your case and follow up with you every step of the way.


I will verify sources of insurance:  In some cases, injured accident victims can legally collect from two or three different insurance policies for the same accident.  Most accident victims are unaware of this and do not know where to look for the various sources of insurance available to them.  I can help you determine if your case qualifies for you to collect under more than one policy.

I will protect your rights:  An insurance representative will likely contact you after the accident to provide a recorded statement and ask you for details of the accident. It is beneficial to have an attorney present to ensure that your communications are not being misrepresented. An insurance adjuster may try to get you to admit the accident was your fault or at least partially your fault, and then later use those statements against you at trial.  Insurance adjusters are trained at gathering potentially damaging information to settle cases for the lowest possible amounts. You need someone who cares about the implications of how the accident is affecting your life, your health, and your ability to financially provide for yourself and your family.

I will conduct a thorough investigation: I will investigate your accident, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and identify liable parties to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries. Your case may require an expert such as an accident reconstructionist to immediately examine the accident scene. The insurance company will be collecting information for use during litigation. You could be at a disadvantage if an investigation is not timely conducted on your behalf.

I will evaluate your case: Insurance adjusters use several methods to get you to settle your case for less than it is actually worth. You should know the extent of ALL your injuries before you consider settlement. Many injury victims think if they do not experience symptoms immediately that they are not injured. With certain types of injuries, symptoms do not develop until days, or even several weeks after the accident occurs.  Once you sign a release with the insurance company, it cannot be retracted. You cannot go back days, months or years after a settlement if you need surgery or additional treatment. Before you settle your case for any amount, it is critical that you are making an informed decision about what medical care you are reasonably expected to need in the future, so you are appropriately compensated. This why is of the utmost importance to have an attorney evaluate your claim. Contact the Gina Rosato Law Firm at (813) 463-8000 for your initial consultation today.

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