Should I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy may be an excellent option for you if:

(1) You are overwhelmed with mounting debt and regardless of how much you are working your not significantly paying down the principal balance. (2)   You are avoiding harassing creditor collection phone calls. (3)   You are not taking care of yourself physically because you can’t afford to go to the doctor. (4) You are constantly stressed out and anxious due to your financial situation. (5) Your wages are being garnished or your assets have been seized to pay for an outstanding judgment debt against you. (6) Your have gone through the foreclosure process with a deficiency judgment. (7) You are making a habit of taking out  credit card cash advances or other high interest loans, to pay back other lenders. (8) You are calling friends and family to borrow money to pay for your regular basic living expenses. (9) You are selling your few assets to pay bills or floating checks without money in your account, hoping you can make a deposit before it is cashed. (10) You have drained your retirement account to pay your bills.

If you are experiencing these situations, then bankruptcy is a consideration for you to explore.  Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start and the opportunity to become financially stable again.  Many people feel they have been defeated or embarrassed if they file for bankruptcy.  Most people only consider bankruptcy as an absolute last resort. Unfortunately, most people do not consult with an attorney until their situation is urgent and they have depleted all of their savings when they would have been in a better financial situation by consulting with an attorney earlier rather than later.

People come into my office in tears because they have tried everything possible to avoid a bankruptcy.  The truth of the matter is almost everyone you know has faced financial difficulties at some point in past or will at some point in their future.  Many people are unemployed or have a significant reduction in household income because of the current economy. The cost of medical treatment is so outrageously high, even with insurance they find themselves with a significant amount of debt.  I have clients that had good jobs but have become disabled and are now living on a severely limited income.  Others were married and could afford their expenses with their spouse.  After death or divorce they cannot afford the same expenses on their own. Contact me today to explore your options.

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